The UV Box – Mobile Device Disinfection: Because Hand Hygiene Doesn’t Stop with Your Hands Anymore

 The UV Box–was developed specifically to target mobile, handheld devices that are known agents of cross-contamination in Hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The contaminants spread on these devices threaten clinicians, patients, families and visitors with debilitating and deadly Surgical Site and Hospital Associated Infections (SSIs and HAIs).

These devices including cell phones, tablets, handheld computers/bar code scanners, TV remotes and personal items from eye glasses to car keys, are not successfully treated by traditional and high-tech disinfection processes due to their frequent handling and mobile nature. In fact, these very factors tend to undermine a hospital’s most stringent hand hygiene protocols and policies. 

Directly addressing this problem and a key component of any hospital’s Hand Hygiene Bundle, The UV Box has been independently proven by an FDA consulting lab to disinfect 99.995% of the most difficult to treat contaminants, including C. diff and MRSA, and 99.999% of Norovirus, all in less than 60 seconds. 

According to Psihas, the success of The UV Box is attributable to several, integrated factors including:

  • Effectiveness – Up to 4.5 Log, 99.99% disinfection rate for C. diff spores according to an independent FDA consulting lab protocol and testing; Additional testing with a second independent lab yielded up to a 5.25 Log, 99.999% disinfection rate for norovirus
  • Speed & Ease of Use – One-button simplicity: No learning curve
  • Durability – No moving parts + aluminum casing to protect the UV chamber
  • Safety – Since all UV energy is contained, AUVS’ Germicidal Enclosures can be used safely, even in occupied rooms and public areas.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The UV Box use no consumables and create no waste, saving money and reducing the environmental impact as compared with purchasing and disposing tens of thousands of germicidal wipes.
  • Protection of Expensive Equipment – The UV Box will not harm expensive phones and other devices, particularly those with LCD screens, the way bleach-based wipes can.
  • ROI – The UV Box have been shown to pay for themselves in a matter of months based on reduced use of germicidal wipes and disposable devices.

AUVS Germicidal Enclosures are Designed & Made in the USA.


  • Cell phones have been proven 10 times more contaminated than public restroom toilet seats! ​
  • Number of times we handle our cell phones per day: More than 2,600.
  • Number of times the average user disinfects their phone: 0.
  • Nearly every hospital has a Hand Hygiene program to reduce Hospital Associated Infections.
  • Effective disinfection of phones - which are handled 2,617 times a day - has essentially gone unaddressed in healthcare.

The UV Box–delivers up to 99.995% disinfection of MRSA
and C. diff – and up to 99.999% disinfection of Norovirus…
286x the energy needed to treat COVID-19! in just 55-Seconds

180+ Hospitals / Hospital Groups Fight Back Against All Infections with The UV Box

More than 180 hospitals and hospital groups have selected The UV Box from Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems to disinfect personal phones, facility-issued smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices as well as eyeglasses and goggles.


Designed and manufactured in the USA by Avus Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems.


AUVS Germicidal Enclosures are Designed & Made in the USA. Available in British Columbia through BCSurgitech

Overall Dimensions 10”H x 10”D x 20”W
Interior Dimensions 3.5”H x 8”D x 15.5”W
Weight 10lbs
Power 110 V, AC
Bulb LIfe 10 years with heavy use