Leica M320 F12 (ENT)

The Leica M320 F12 with LED  combines the well-known Leica optics with functional elegance and state-of-the-art technology, such as LED illumination and high-definition documentation.

Designed for your comfort

A hunched working position combined with harsh movements can lead to musculoskeletal pain. The ergonomic Leica M320 offers a wide selection of binocular tubes to allow for individual adjustment. It can also be accurately positioned with the lightest touch. The result: with minimum movement you achieve a neutral, upright posture for optimal comfort during surgery.

Fast, simple focus adjustment

The adjustment knob on the optional Leica M320 MultiFoc Objective allows fast and simple adjustment of focal length between 200 mm and 300 mm. If the patient moves or is re-positioned during surgery, working distance can be adjusted without maneuvering the microscope. You can increase efficiency whilst retaining an ergonomic working position.

Value for money

With a lifetime of about 60 000 hours, LED lighting reduces the cost of microscope ownership. The robust yet stylish design and high quality optics further contribute to theextended life span of the microscope.

Display and record in HD

Capturing high definition images and video is simple with the integrated 1080p HD camera. Involve your patient in consultation and treatment by displaying live images or via the re-play function. For full documentation, save data to SD card or directly transfer to patient records via USB.

Crystal clear visualization

The Leica M320 delivers the same impressive optics as our surgical microscopes, so you never need to compromise on quality. You benefit from clear, crisp, and bright images with amazing depth of field thanks to apochromatic optics and LED lighting. In dentistry, this can mean faster surgical procedures and better patient outcomes.

Hygienically sound

The Leica M320 has been designed with hygiene firmly in mind. The entire microscope is virtually jointless, with all cables routed internally. The surface is protected with a permanent antimicrobial coating, AgProtectTM and the handles can be washed and sterilized.


Cost of ownership

Cost of ownership

LED facts

Nominal lifetime: 60 000 hours. This reduces the cost of ownership and eliminates retrofit expenses.

Color temperature: Daylight temperature (5 700°K) for high-fidelity image colors.

Light intensity with f=250 mm: 80 000 Lux. When switched on, they instantly deliver full light output and the heat generated is almost imperceptible.

Ecologically sound: There is no UV or infrared emission.

2× LEDs: Delivers two light paths, which together give shadow-free light output to the surgical site, especially in the deepest cavities.

Size: Small and compact, they allow attractive microscope design approaches.

LEDs are bright, cost-effective, and ecologically sound.

HIgh  Definition DocumentationHigh-definition documentation

The benchmark for image sharing and documentation. 

Integrated HD video system with 1080 × 720p (MPEG-4)

Integrated HD camera for 3-megapixel still images (jpg)

Storage on SD memory card

Playback function of video and photo

Thumbnail view

Onscreen menu

Camera operation via IR remote control or recording hard keys on the microscope

Leica APOchromatic opticsLeica APOchromatic optics

Large field of view

Large depth of field

Superior light gathering

Superior contrast & crispness



M320_binoculars_Dental_06_8dc50780d2Large selection of binocular tubes

to suit every surgeon’s working preferences and specialization

Binocular tube 0-180° with ErgoMod (large image)

Binocular tube 0-180°

Binocular tube inclined 45°

Binocular tube inclined 45° with ErgoWedge

Binocular tube inclined

Binocular tube 5-25°

Binocular tube 30-150°

*images top down





Hands-on design

with vibration-minimizing bearings for easy handling and more efficiency

Microscope arm: perpendicular & inclined

Ergonomic handles: front & lateral

Better resistance to surface pathogens

The image shows a typical structure of a metal powder (Ag) produced via inert gas condensation (nano powder). This exclusive Leica antimicrobial nano silver coating (AgProtectTM) reduces pathogens on the microscope and its transfer to users and patients.

Variety of stand solutions

Leica F12: Floor stand solution

Leica FP12: Floor plate solution

Leica W12: Wall mount solution

Leica C12: Ceiling mount solution