Dental  Microscope


Leica M320 Dental Microscope

The M320 the microscope that is designed for Dentists

Leica has been making microscopes for over a hundred years.  Their expertise is in making microscopes designed for surgeries that last for hours.  It is with this expertise that they have designed the M320 Dental Microscope.  

It is all about the optics. Leica M320 offers apochromatic optical quality which provides a greater contrast, sharpness and color definition along with a shorter working distance.   With it’s ergonomic design it is designed for your working comfort.

Brilliant Illumination 

LED illumination from Leica Microsystems provides cool, natural color light. LED technology also consumes lower power and lasts longer compared to halogen lamps saving energy and money.  With a lifetime of about 60 000 hours  ( that’s 20+ years), LED lighting and the absence of fiber optics reduces the cost of microscope ownership and eliminates retrofit expenses.

The Leica M320 is virtually jointless. All cables are routed internally.  The handles can be washed and sterilized. The surface is protected with a permanent antimicrobial coating.  Making Leica M320 one of the most hygienic microscopes available.  

Whether you are in endodontics, periodontics, implantology or other restaurative dental profession, Leica  dental microscope  solutions are ideal for your practice. Featuring world-renowned optics, these dental surgical microscopes seamlessly integrate the functions you need for smooth operation. You can see more than ever before with crystal-clear apochromatic technology and great depth of field.

Designed for your comfort
A hunched working position combined with harsh movements can lead to musculoskeletal pain. The ergonomic Leica M320 offers a wide selection of binocular tubes to allow for individual adjustment. It can also be accurately positioned with the lightest touch. The result: with minimum movement you achieve a neutral, upright posture for optimal comfort during surgery.

Integrated 1080p HD camera

Capturing high definition images and video is simple with the integrated 1080p HD camera. Involve your patient in consultation and treatment by displaying live images or via the re-play function. For full documentation, save data to SD card or directly transfer to any mobile device.

Available as floor stand, ceiling mount or wall mount.